Dry Starter Instructions

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How to rehydrate a dry starter

step 1

Place the whole bag (1 oz) of dry starter chips in a large (1 pint) clean container. Add 2 oz of lukewarm water just to cover.

step 2

let sit
Allow the chips to hydrate and dissolve, about 3 hours.
Stir occasionally.

step 3

Once the mixture is smooth, feed with 1 oz of room temp water and 1 oz of unbleached all purpose flour. Cover lightly, place in a warm area (85-90F) for 24 hours. Bubbles should begin to form as it rises. If cooler, it will take longer to rise.

Step 4

Without discarding any of the starter, feed again with 1 oz water, and 1 oz flour. Cover and keep in a warm place, about 8-12 hours, until bubbly.

Step 5

Refresh again
Repeat Step 4. The starter should now double in size. After the peak of rise, your starter is ready to use.

Regular Feeding schedule

Feed every 12 hours for an active starter. Refrigerate if not in use.
When refreshing, discard 90% of your starter, and feed the remaining 10%. This prevents you from building up too much starter. Discard can be used for other recipes.
Feeding ratio
Starter : Water : Flour = 0.5-1 : 1 : 1.