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I'm new to baking, can I still join?

Yes! Many of our new bakers are enjoying providing loaves for the community because it allows them to share their bakes while giving them a chance to practice their skills. If you need any guidance, check out our basic bread recipe.

Where do I drop off?

Details for drop offs are posted on our Instagram page. Check out our posts to stay up to date, and send a message if you need more info!

where do i get more flour?

If you are baking for CYBLA, let us know and we can reimburse you for flour you bake with!
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If you need more flour for your personal baking needs, we highly recommend King Roost's bulk buy who hosts a convenient pick up location in Long Beach. From Kings Roost, you can order a variety of flours and grains ranging from 5# to 50# bags. Our partner at Village Market Place also offers specialty single-origin flour available for pick up.
Kings roost bulk order
Village Market Place

We are also partnered with Tehachapi Grain Project, who sells high-quality California grown organic grains. If you would like to order, let us know and we can place it for you!
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Can I make something besides sourdough?

Of course! We love bread in all of it's lovely forms. Some of our bakers have baked ciabatta, focaccia, challah, banana bread, milkbread, etc.

Can i add other ingredients to my bread?

Yes, however please avoid using dairy, meat, or eggs. We would like the bread to be enjoyed by anyone regardless of dietary restrictions and preferences.

How big are the loaves

We encourage bakers to weigh out loaves at 500g each. While we love big loaves, the smaller sizes let us share the love to more people, and are a manageable size for our partners to distribute to the community. Generally, our loaves should be able to serve 2-4 people for a meal.

How do I get a stencil?

Stencils are lovingly made by our fellow bakers. If you would like one, please send us a message so we can mail one to you.

Can I personalize my loaves?

Of course! Please personalize your loaves however you want! We love seeing the creativity in packaging and branding. We guarantee that those receiving them enjoy and appreciate the love and care you put into each one.

I know an organization/non-profit who could use some bread, how can I help them get involved?

Have them send us a message and we will coordinate with them to provide loaves for their cause.

I don't bake, how else can I support?

We welcome any form of help! If you have a skill you'd like to share (that's not baking) let us know and we can make something work. We are also always seeking stable alternative drop offs through out LA for bakers who are unable to drive to designated drop offs.